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Posted by Federation Guards on October 7, 2010 at 4:54 PM


Register online at Tacticalpaintball.com or call 830-540-4200


Registration by nov 29th is $100.00.  This includes 1 case of Premium paint, camping for the entire event, tshirt, all event air, entry into prize package, dinner on Saturday, entry into an epic 26 hrs event with a Muster and Special Vet Ceremony on Saturday.


This Game has players coming from all over the Country to play and VETS from all branches of the Military going to be on hand. Several Surviving vets from Vietnam war will be on hand.


The VFW from all over is coming in as well as the USO. This game will have National press coverage.




Tactical Paintball re-enacts “The battle for LZ-XRAY, Ia Drang, Vietnam”


Guest Speaker: World renowned author and war correspondent Mr. Joseph Galloway. Special Memorial Service and Muster conducted by the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars.


Take a journey back to 1965 and join us to re-create one of the most pivotal battles in Vietnam. Tactical Paintball welcomes paintball players from around the country to be a part of history. Visit those who fought in the battle of Ia Drang, Vietnam, pay tribute to their sacrifice, and be a soldier on the field to bring home Victory!


Harwood, TX – December 3rd- 5th, 2010 – Tactical Paintball is the definitive MILSIM paintball experience destination in the USA. Take playing paintball to the next level and join hundreds of the best and upcoming paintball players in the country. Learn what happened that faithful November, 1965, and how our troops were cast into a battle for their lives. When the hunter becomes the hunted, only your skills will keep you in the game. Don’t miss the most immersive game play of Ia Drang, Vietnam, with live Helicopter drops, termite mounds, and pyrotechnics. This game will have you wondering if you are playing paintball, or if you were just dropped in the midst of hostiles from 45 years ago.


The battle begins December 4th, at 10:48am and continues until December 5th, at noon. After fighting for hours, we will take a dinner break and meet Mr. Joseph Galloway, and listen to him give a heart felt speech about the valor and sacrifice of young soldiers on both side of the fight; those whose lives were changed forever. Watch the VFW pay tribute to the soldiers with a special Memorial ceremony. Then back on the field for a night fight where lights and sounds will leave you fearing the enemy is just around the corner. And they are…


“We are proud to produce this one of a kind event that honors our Vets and gives people of all ages a chance to walk in the footsteps of our brave soldiers, and at the end of the day, celebrate the fact that we are only playing paintball  -Retired Sgt. Jon Harris, owner of Tactical Paintball.


About Tactical Paintball, www.tacticalpaintball.com:


With almost 20 years of tactical operations from SWAT teams, to Rapid Deployment military, my experiences are real world. Many times the situations I was thrown into could have had much different outcome (for me) had I not been trained and prepared and most importantly, been with a team that knew what they were doing. We all knew what each other would do and that made for a very formidable force. It is my goal to bring these techniques to paintball players around the World, and allow them to leave with confidence and fun memories of our events.


Tactical Paintball: 1-830-857-4101. www.tacticalpaintball.com

12590 FM 794, Harwood, TX 78632

**NOTE:  Original thread can be found herehttp://tacticalpaintball.com/newforum/viewtopic.php?t=5999

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Reply Robert Duhon
5:18 PM on October 7, 2010 
Foxtrot will be there in force and rolling with the American forces! I wouldnt miss the chance to drop in on a real huey! YES you heard me a Real Huey chopper will be at the field
Reply Bomber
5:54 PM on October 7, 2010 
Bloody hell, I wish I was in the same continent as you guys. I would have love to have attended this game and play alongside the Federation Guard. British and American forces together :)

Real Huey chopper for this game? AWESOME!!
Reply Scorpion
8:02 PM on October 7, 2010 
oooooooooooo there is a real huey helicopter? :D coooollllllll :D Man I did not see that last year. we played on the red side I guess. My mama was a sniper for the red side last year. ooo need to ask my mother which side the team is playing this year. I want to see that huey helicopter and ride on it :D I know evern my annoying little brother would like that. :)
Reply Joshua Blackwell
5:04 PM on October 26, 2010 
I will be there being a vet myself I will be there to support my brothers before me
Reply Federation Guards
5:36 PM on October 26, 2010 
Joshua Blackwell says...
I will be there being a vet myself I will be there to support my brothers before me

We are very glad that you will be making this trip Joshua. This particular event is a not only a must not miss event, but an experience everyone will never forget in the history of playing paintball. If you have that book written by Mr. Galloway, please do not hesitate to bring that with you and get it signed by him. That is what some of our members will be doing.