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"The Soldiers of Pain: Pain is temporary. Pride is Forever"

Callsign:  "Scorpion" -Young Gun Member


A much younger "Scorpion"- Taken in 3/22/2008: Hunt For Bin Laden (1st Scenario Game at Tactical Paintball)


Name: Scorpion

Weapon: Tippman Phenom X7

Years of Playing- Has been playing with The Federation Guard since it was formed

Position: Light Rifleman

Uniform: **Vcam(Multicam) from Valken Sports through Red Dot Paintball

Bio-   Scorpion is the oldest child of "DragonLady", Co- Team Leader/Founding Member of the Federation Guard and the older brother of "Menace". He has been playing with the Federation Guard since its formation at the age of 10-11.  Scorpion grew up playing with the Federation Guard and has learned the ropes playing paintball from his mother "DragonLady" and the rest of his team mates on the Federation Guard.  On his spare time when not playing paintball, he enjoys playing video games, basketball, football and traveling.



          Present Day- "Scorpion"

Event Accomplishments:

1. Hunt for Bin Laden-March 22, 2008 (First game under the Federation Guard Banner- The Federation Guard was formally formed as a team on March 16, 2008.

2. Invasion of Lord Vader- April 19, 2008 ( A Star Wars themed charity event, benefiting Service Dogs of Texas) -Some members of the Federation Guard refereed and played too.

3. Starship Troopers( Last Stand At Home)-May 17, 2008

4.Tet Offensive (Continuation of Battle of Keh Sahn)-October 11, 2008

5. Tactical Smakdown II-Takes place December 5, 6 & 7, 2008.

6. The Battle for Mogadishu: Black Hawk Down- January 10, 2009

7. The Hunt for Bin Laden Continues- March 14, 2009

8. Raid on Entebbe- May 16, 2009

9. Back to Bataan- October 3, 2009- Fought alongside Cobra along with other teams, to help lead the American forces to victory despite the rainy weather.

10. We Were Soldiers-December 5, 2009- Played for the NVA side under Ben Tippman(CO) and Purplepants(XO- Total Insanity. "DragonLady" was sniping for the NVA side.) NVA side won.

11. Black Hawk Down-January 30, 2010- Played for the Rangers side with "Sarge" as the commanding officer against "Drunkenmaster" (Team Hellions ODA 163). This game was featured at the July issue of the APG magazine.

13. Raid on Entebbe-March 20, 2010-Played for the Terrorist side under "Machinist" of Total Insanity.

14. Drug Wars-Extreme Prejudice - May 15th, 2010- Played for the DEA side. "Scorpion" won Young Gun Award for the DEA side.

15. Pirates-Curse of the Pink Flamingos- June 6, 2010- Played for the pirates under "Giggles" of Loyalty-Young guns all receive praise for an awesome job in the game especially the ones that participated at the Young Guns Final Battle. Our young guns participant in this game is Scorpion and his younger brother Menace. Young Gun member Menace also made his first barrel tag against an adult :)

16. We Were Soldiers: Battle Ia Drang Valley- December 3-5, 2010- Proud to have met Joe Galloway and other living veterans of the war. DragonLady commanded the Delta Company Command for the US Forces. She took home an MVP award on the US Forces side while her two older children were recognize for their own efforts especially Scorpion, who was the Young Gun NVA Commander.

US Forces MVP Award: https://www.federationguard.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=108969357

Award & Recognition to our Young Gun Members: https://www.federationguard.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=108973602

Victorious Young Gun CO: Scorpion

17. Black Hawk Dawn- January 8th 2011-Hardwood, Texas- Fought on the Rangers side with Jon Harris(Sarge) vs. Archangel( his son Joel Harris) Archangel ended his father's winning streak on this game. It was a fun game.

18. "8" Game - January 29th, 2011- 5J Paintball-Spring, Texas- DragonLady Commanded the New World's Army vs. Stitch of Foxtrot. It was one hell of a game from what we were told and had a lot of good complements.

19. The Hunt For Bin Laden Game- March 19th, 2011- Tactical PaintballHarwood, Texas- We played on the Coalition side. Coalition won! 1300 points versus the Terrorist of 725 points.

20. The Knights Revenge Game- May 28, 2011- 5J Paintball, Spring, Texas- (Greg Hastings vs. Charlie of PB Command) Members and friends in attendance played on the Knights side led by Greg Hastings. Knights won!

21. BT World Game- September 24, 2011- Tactical Paintball: Hardwood, Texas- Red Team (TIKI of Team Foxtort vs Blue Team( Maniac) Scorpion won the Young Gun award from Maniac.

22. The After Apocalypse Game- October 22, 2011- Tactical Paintball: Hardwood, Texas- 3 sided game: Government: Chappy of Lion of Judah, RAD's: Peacemaker of Team Defiant, and New Dawners: Little Gary of Paintball Mart. The Federation Guard played for the Government and took home the MVT Award for the Government side. To top that, Government won the three sided game.

MVT AWARD: https://www.federationguard.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=140889977

23. Fighting Seabees 2- March 24, 2012-Tactical Paintball-Harwood, TX

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