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The Knights Revenge

Posted by Federation Guards on April 12, 2011 at 5:12 PM Comments comments (0)

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For centuries men have vowed revenge on others due to being scorned to just jealous outrages. None know the meaning better or how to wait until the time is fully right better then the Knights Templar.


With some of the world’s greatest treasures held in the balance can the Knights Templar extract revenge? Not on the foe you would expect that they have fought again and again but versus a new foe. A foe that has become a world power in pomp and cir***stance and knows the dollar value of the unearthly treasures of the Templar. They are known as the Curator’s of the World’s Museums.

Join us May 28th in this ridiculously funny game pitting the World’s Museums Curators vs the Legendary Knights Templar for control of the world’s most prized treasures.


Location: 5J Paintball just south of the Woodlands on I-45

Producer: Unorthodox Paintball

Game : 10am - 6pm, 8 hours of craziness!!

That's right we have two veteran's in the paintball world stepping up to lead both sides in our next Unorthodox event May 28th @ 5J Paintball.

Game Generals:


Leading the Knight's Templar and their quest to extract revenge and keep their treasures safeguarded is none other than the world famous Greg Hastings.. Known all over the paintball world for revolutionary play and even his own video games.


And leading the forces of the Curator's of the World's Museums is Charlie,the owner of Paintball Command in Louisiana. Charlie has been running events for the past decade at LA's largest field and has well known teams like Technostorm, Ganggreen, Odyssey and many more backing him.


Registration is NOW to open for this awesomely funny event. Pick your side and stay tuned as we unveil more, the Unorthodox way.