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Tactical Paintball-Chosen to Host Chaos Challenge

Posted by Federation Guards on February 28, 2011 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

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The CHAOS CHALLENGE is the only TRUE one of a kind adventure race. You will be faced with life and death military simulations and obstacles which will test your mental strength and physical stamina. The course revolves around 15 military scenarios that produce the true to life gut feeling that you only find in times of war! How you react to the situation in front of you will determine your outcome in the course. Every participants course experience will be different and that is what makes stand apart from all the others- the ability to choose your destiny!


Different course lengths available so you can choose your level of physical endurance; however the mental challenge and 15 simulation points will be the same for both distances. For both the 5K & 10K course options you will not be timed, just try to stay alive! Just as life goes... you will never know what's around the corner! Prepare yourself mentally and physically!


Day Of Info


When: Saturday, 6/11 – Sunday, 6/12

Where: Tactical Paintball, 12590 FM 794, Harwood, TX 78632 (830) 540-4200

Gates will be open from 3pm Friday, 6/10 to Sunday 6/12 at noon

If you are participating in The CHAOS CHALLENGE, you will request a start time when registering. The first CHAOS CHALLENGE group will begin at 9am.


We recommend you arrive at least one hour before your start time.


When you arrive on event day, you must sign a waiver in which you acknowledge (among other things) that by participating in The CHAOS CHALLENGE you expose yourself to certain risks, including the risk of personal injury. For legal reasons, we suggest that you read and understand the waiver before you sign it on event day. The waiver is available here**


Camping is available for both Friday and Saturday night! Camp ground tickets are per night and are good for one 20x20 campsite, and one vehicle at your campsite. Unlimited number of guest can stay at your campsite as long as those guests have an admission ticket.



On your body:

-Shoes: normal running shoes. Spikes and cleats are not allowed.

-Gloves: tough, thick gloves to protect your hands on rough materials

-Bring a change of clothes for after the event so you can enjoy the rest of the day.

-You MUST bring a photo ID. (If you register under a student or military and cannot prove this, be prepared to pay the additional costs)


-Copy of your confirmation email



On your body:

-Shoes: normal running shoes. Spikes and cleats are not allowed.

-Gloves: tough, thick gloves to protect your hands on rough materials

-Bring a change of clothes for after the event so you can enjoy the rest of the day.

-Photo ID–You MUST bring a photo ID. (If you register under a student or military and cannot prove this, be prepared to pay the additional costs)

-Copy of your confirmation email

-A watch, if you care about knowing your time. It’s on you to time yourself.



There will be open outdoor showers available to rinse.

While participating in the event, there will be an area to store belongings.




Only the best time you will ever have on two feet!


Food: There will be plenty of food for sale throughout the day.


Please contact us at info@chaoschallenge.com if you are interested in participating as a food vendor. Subject Line: “Event food vendor”


Alcohol: There will be alcohol available for sale. All participants over 21 will receive one beer as part of their registration, which they can collect after the conclusion of the event.


*You are not allowed to bring your own food or alcohol on-site.


Feel free to bring your pets to the event; however, they must be accompanied and picked up after at all times.


There will be an award ceremony.



Home Team Guidelines 2010

Posted by Federation Guards on February 2, 2010 at 11:17 PM Comments comments (0)

These are the rules ALL home teams are to follow. If anyone sees a team that is breaking these rules, be it one or many, let me know. Or if you see outstanding play or sportmanship. I am SPYRO, the 2010 President of the Tactical Paintball Home Teams.



1. Game Participation


Home teams should be committed to playing in as many scenario / mil-sim games as possible, first and foremost. This is one of the best ways of showing support for the field. Pre-registration for each game should have every attempt to be made. With that said, if a home team is going to miss an official Tactical Paintball scenario / mil-sim game, a representative of that team should contact the O-club president and explain the circumstances so that one does not endanger their home team status. If a team misses two games in a row without contacting the Tactical Paintball O-club officers, that team could face disciplinary status.


2. Building/Tent Maintenan


Every home team that has a “home team” building or tent is responsible for maintaining it. The decision to have a home team building is optional, but when a team does decide to erect one, the below should be followed. If the Tactical staff contacts the home team regarding needed maintenance to their building or land area, the home team should make an effort to come out and fix or pick up the problem as soon as possible. General requirements are:


· Trash inside and around the building or grounds site should be kept picked up.

· Any excess building materials should be removed and / or given to the field.

· Exterior paint should be maintained.

The following are guidelines home teams are to abide by. This will make the entire place look better, keep your space ready and protect the equipment. Everyone has a stake in this, and a more precise take on what we ask you to look for is:

• For those teams wishing to build a building, the following specs and guidelines will be used. It will have a footprint of 16’x32’ and drawings can be pulled from the “Tactical Paintball Field Talk” forum posting.

• Close your building doors and windows before you leave.

• Building areas need to be cleaned and checked before you leave, all trash and debris thrown away or put back into their respective places. This makes it much nicer when you come back out. Sweep your floors.

• If you still have a tent, roll the side walls up on the tents when you leave. This reduces

the wind stress on the tents and helps them survive a windstorm. When you roll the side up , roll them under ( towards you if inside) this will prevent rain from gathering in the rolls. Tents must need double ropes leading from each wall pole, and three per corner.

• All above ground (not Buried) electrical lines must be rolled up and placed neatly inside buildings or tents. If left out they get run over degrading the cord's use. This also causes a problem when we are grading the roads or mowing.

• What none of us want is to ask a home team to resign their home team status. When you come out, if your area needs work then do it. Don’t look at your team area in a shambles and walk away from it. Have some pride in the area. If your team decides not to maintain their area it is a good bet that team would not have an area to maintain. It really is common courtesy to all the teams to keep things looking good.

• We will post what team areas need attention on the forum in the team’s personal area.

Upon field notification of your team area needing attention, all it takes is a phone call to set up a date with either Jon / the field manager / or the O-club president to let us know when you are planning on putting it back up.

• Finally, these team areas are provided to the home teams on the promise of upkeep and being maintained, please take care of our property as if it is your property, this makes a better experience for everybody. And if in doubt, pick it up. Or ask a question.


3. Team Pre-Registration


Home teams should make a great effort to pre-register the team early when possible. This helps the field prepare for the event. Pre-registration will help the field owners order the right amount of paint, food, t-shirts, prizes, etc. Home teams are allowed a discount to those players that are unable to pre-register, but as of 2010, walk-ons will be paying a slightly higher rate in an effort to try an get more players to register early.


4. Forum Participation


It is recommended that at least one member of each home team contribute to the Tactical Paintball forum on a weekly basis. The forum is a great tool for representing Tactical Paintball and your own team as well as giving back to the paintball community. It also lets other members know that you are alive and kicking. Thread Jacking is not contributing. Funny comments and thoughts are encouraged, but blatant jacking will force disciplinary issues.


5. Voting


· If a vote is posted online; it will be active online for 14 days. This gives each O-club member a chance to vote and then reply to what he/she sees others posting.

· If during a meeting, the vote is immediate.

In both cases, a simple majority wins. Each team has two votes; President’s team has one. Proxy by any member may send in a vote time permitting. In the event of a tie, the President will make final vote. Any team not participating in either voting method is electing to sustain, and in turn agrees with whatever changes are to be made, be it that they are fair and in the best interest of paintball.


6. Volunteer Work


Home teams should take some time to show appreciation of their home team status by volunteering their services to the field. Many already do this by form of reffing, concessions, air, and field maintenance. Each team should be ready to provide help as needed. Each team should keep track of the help they give for HTY; in addition, the secretary will maintain a working record to settle any questions or disputes.


7. Walk-Ons / New Teams


Home teams are expected to make walk-on players and new teams feel welcomed to the field. Home teams should go out of their way to accomplish this and make sure that the walk-ons and new teams are being taken care of. Allowing either of these two new groups to run with your team is recommended where applicable.


8. Representing Tactical Off-Field 

Whether at Tactical Paintball or at another paintball field, each member should remember that they are representing Tactical Paintball and should act in a manner that portrays Tactical Paintball in a positive manner. Showing good sportsmanship and a good attitude goes a long way. The same principle applies to other forums and blogs.


9. Promoting Tactical Paintball


Whenever possible, home teams should make an attempt to promote upcoming games in their own team forums or any other forum they come across. This will help increase the overall attendance of games and get the name of the field out. Unless you want to have home teams vs home teams with attendance for events holding still or even falling, we all must advertise the games in which we attend. If your team has a website, then if at all possible you are requested to have a link to Tactical Paintball. Teams that have Tactical banners and/or patches are asked to display them.


10. Game Role Invitations (role-playing / general / XO)

Accepting an invitation to play a role in a game means that you will carry out that responsibility in your fullest capacity. Whether the role is big or small, someone is counting on you to fulfill the role and make sure it is carried out as best as you can. Here are some steps to make sure that you are ready to carry out the role:


• Ensure sure that you understand your assignment, and the times you are required to act on your role.

• Before the game starts, get with your team and make sure they understand what they have to do, in the event they may need to assist you.

• Ensure that you will be able to a establish communication link of some form with your commander.

• Understand that you are committing to your role and will play it throughout the entire game.


11. Home Team Roster / Roll Call


All home teams must keep their team roster up-to-date. Update the team Forum link with the new players identity so that they can be included with the special registration processes we have as well as update them as to the expectations they are now to abide by as a home team member. All “active” players should make every attempt to attend events hosted by Tactical Paintball.


A home team is now defined as a team of 5+ members acting in a coordinated fashion. Should any home team fall under this number, it is the team’s responsibility to recruit and build upon its foundation or voluntarily disband.

All O-club meetings will begin with a roll call. If a member is running late it is up to that individual to make sure they are counted as being present prior to the dismissal of the meeting. Those that are present will be marked off on an attendance sheet during roll call.


12. Cross-team recruitment


If you are leaving a team and joining a tactical home team we ask that you leave that team on good terms. Recruiting from teams that have home team status should not be done in a malicious manor. If the team member is offered a position on another team and leaves willingly that should be up to that person as long as it is not meant to undermine another team in anyway. Either way both parties involved need to be up-to-date on the player’s status along with the field rosters being updated ASAP. In the unlikely event that this would become a problem, Jon “Sarge” Harris reserves the right to intervene.


13. Reffing


Each team should provide help with reffing. Not all members have to be a ref at a game, but at least one member for every couple games. All ref positions are posted on the forums for all to see; if a game ref staff is full, then there is no need to volunteer. If a game needs refs, then teams should encourage members to lend assistance. Captains especially should ref if needed as well as their officers if a game is short refs, as no one should know the rules better than the command elements of each home team. This is leading from the front and shows everyone that we do take our ref staff seriously.


14. Rules and Regulations


All home teams must follow any rules and regulations set forth by Tactical Paintball and the guidelines presented here. Remember, we set the precedence for others to follow. We lead the way. The officers of the O-club will monitor and act accordingly to any team not following the above. Failure to abide by the above or to comply within a reasonable amount of time after being asked to comply will result in disciplinary measures that can include but are not limited to suspension or dismissal of home team privileges.


Note that the regulations and disciplinary measures put into place will affect an entire team. Individual mishaps are up to each team to monitor and resolve so that the O-club does not need to take further action. You each represent your teams, and your teams represent Tactical Paintball.


15. Discipline


Home team status is an honor, and should not be taken lightly. No team has a legacy above reproach.


Discipline matters within a team should be handled by each team’s own captains/ officers. When this is not able to resolve the said issue, new disciplinary measures have been put into place. The disciplinary criteria are to help create accountability. We are all tasked with the duty of raising the bar. Teams that cannot/ do not abide by the means now in place will face discipline.


· Means for Tribunal Ruling:


· When needed a tribunal will be called by the Pres, the Sgt-at-Arms will choose 3 O-club members not involved to look into and make an initial judgment ruling. They will then present their ruling to the Sgt-at-Arms who will present it to the Pres for a final ruling. This will last no more than one week.


These are events that/ circumstances which require an investigation a punishment ranging from a dressing-down to team dismissal.


1. Missing excessive games without communication/ cause

· Teams are encouraged to play other venues, this is where communication becomes essential

2. Forum bashing (includes constant thread jacking)

3. Lack of forum participation (1 per week)

4. Poor sportsmanship (this includes but is not limited to wiping)

5. Defamation of character to a team/ individual

6. Roster not kept current

7. Any other event that draws negative attention to Tactical not defined as above

· Means for Extreme Disciplinary Ruling:


These are events that WILL result in a team’s immediate removal of home team status and from the field.

8. Fighting

9. Illegal drug use

10. Theft


· A dressing down for example will constitute a verbal warning to not repeat said offense. This will be witnessed by one member, and given by two officers (Sarge, Katherine, Head Ref, Field Mgr may be included)

· Other disciplinary measures include but are not limited to: removal of team patches/ banner, public apology of issue posted, 1-multi game ban, loss of HT status, perm removal from field.

· There are no criteria for a starting level of discipline. Each case will be handled on its own merit.


16. In Close


*Ultimately, Jon “Sarge” or Katherine Harris have the final say as to the enforcement or the abiding by the above guidelines. This includes but is not limited to decisions regarding the field, the property, and the O-Club of Tactical Paintball. Sarge and the President with the assistance of the field manager will always strive to ensure that all those attending Tactical Paintball in any fashion enjoy them self as well as are able to abide by the guidelines as read above.



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