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Posted by Federation Guards on February 4, 2010 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Home Team of the Year (HTY):


What is HTY?


Being a home team is an honor.  You represent Tactical Paintball as being a step beyond just good. HTY is the best of the best; they are the team that goes that much further in every aspect of our sport paintball. Simply, they are doing it better.




1.Home team for a minimum period of 3 months

2.Attendance to a minimum of 4 games, with 4 players, all pre-reg or comped

3.Attendance to a minimum of 2 field work days with 2 members

4.Attendance to a minimum of 1 non Tactical event, displaying superior sportsmanship

5.Wkly / monthly activity on forums (activity defined as min 1x per week)

6.Members ref minimum one game as needed(Captains are strongly encouraged, if no need-then no penalty)

7.Assistance given to new players and or teams

8.Display levels of positive sportsmanship

(NOTE: #’s 7-8 are of personal opinion and are only criteria not documented by the O-Club. Any negative feedback will be investigated by the officers)


Ballot Casting:


It is up to each team to be able to present its own nomination as a finalist to the O-Club during the December meeting. The officers will review the above qualifications for a two-week period after the meeting to confirm all nominations. Once confirmed, the team(s) will be announced and the vote if necessary will be held in January.




·The above qualifications will present one or more teams as finalists. In the event only one team meets the above, that team by default becomes HTY. If two or more teams, then there will be a vote during the January O-club meeting.

·Each team not nominated will be allowed one vote, with the addition of Jon “Sarge” Harris and the President each also voting. This is the only time in which they have the option to be actively involved in the voting process. Should the President’s own team be a nominee, then he/she will still be allowed to vote.(The intent is that no one should be punished for doing their part)In the event of a tie, the field manager will make the deciding vote.

·A team may receive HTY consecutively, and is encouraged to try an do so. The reward for completing this honor will be reflected in each years win.

·Attendance to an event for concessions, logistical duties, etc. will be counted as participation under #2 of the above.

·The announcement for HTY will be in January, and the award will be active from February to the following January.

·Any and all teams that have met the criteria for HTY will be announced during the month of December.



Reward / Honor:

1.Plaque of Honor posted at Tactical field

2.Free passes



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