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Chicago Legend Shoots the Empire AXE in 2011!

Posted by Federation Guards on February 23, 2011 at 2:49 PM Comments comments (0)

Chicago's AXE Men - The Perfect Paintball Players Marker


Chicago Legend Shoots the Empire AXE in 2011!


Sewell, NJ, February 16th, 2011. Empire Paintball announced today that Chicago Legend will be shooting the Empire AXE paintball marker in 2011. In addition to shooting the AXE, the paintball team will be head to toe Empire paintball gear.


“Empire Paintball has supported Legend since the early days of playing D-3, and we really appreciate their continued loyalty. They have not only supported my paintball team, but every league year over year to help keep our sport alive,” said Dennis Olson, Captain of Chicago Legend. “We’re especially looking forward to the 2011 paintball season and playing with the NEW EMPIRE AXE! The paintball gun shoots GREAT – it’s as simple as that.”


Damian Ryan of Chicago Legend said, “Words can’t explain how excited I am to be using the new Empire Axe and Empire gear on the professional level this season. I have been using EMPIRE paintball gear for some time. They have been putting out top notch paintball products for years and I know they will raise the bar again this season.”


This is the third Pro Paintball Team to be playing with the AXE, with Legend joining Sacramento XSV and Los Angeles Infamous as teams shooting the AXE paintball Marker for the season.


Extended grip and trigger frame and ergonomic grip for maximum comfort


Smooth and stable firing platform with feather light kick


Easy maintenance with unique push-button bolt out back design


Adjustable bearing trigger with micro-switch activation


On/Off ASA with integrated pressure regulator


“Watching Legend come up the ranks has been very rewarding,” said Johnny Postorivo, VP of US Sales. “The team, the focus, and their drive have always made them a competitive paintball team. The fact that they have chosen to shoot the AXE for 2011 is further validation for the AXE as a serious competitive paintball gun.”


EmpirePaintball is a brand of KEE Action Sports LLC. KEE Action Sports LLC is the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of paintball sporting goods and the exclusive source for RPS®, Empire®, Invert™, Invert™, MINI™, BT Paintball™, HALO®, EVIL®, Pure Energy®, ViewLoader®, Brass Eagle®, and JT Sports® brand products.


Connect with Empire Paintball on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the dealio.

Black River Paintball Presents -Bad Company Game

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Black River Paintball Presents

Bad Company Game on February 5th, 2011

“FREE” 50 Cal Marker and Paintballs for all Pre Registered Players"

For more information checkout the web site


 Call:  http://paintballbiggame.com/bbcpaintballhome.html

Black River Paintball 910-860-4469

Empire Products

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Petty Paintball - Castle Rock 8: Halloween Madness

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Petty Paintball Presents

Castle Rock 8: Halloween Madness

The most intense Attack and Defend game in Paintball!!!

When: October 30th 2010

For more information on this and other Petty Paintball Events please visit www.pettypb.com


You can also email us at:  joe@pettypb.com

5th Annual Splat-O-Ween (tm) Paintball Big Game

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Ballers Inc.Paintball will be hosting their 5th Annual Splat-O-Ween (tm) Paintball Big Game on Sunday October 31st.


This year we have aligned ourselves with Susan G. Komen to be a part of the October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Our game will be at the Lehigh Valley Paintball (SOUTH), 307 Swartley Road, Hatfield, PA 19440 from 10am to 4pm. Registration Opens at 8am


We are expecting 300+ participants at the event, along with local business, DJ and event promotions.



Ballers Inc. Paintball



The Fall ?10 Combat Classic: The Battle of Ia Drang

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The United States Military Academy Paintball Team

 Proudly presents

The Fall ’10 Combat Classic: The Battle of Ia Drang


Date: October 23-24 with play on both dates.

Where: Lake Frederick camping area on West Point.

Detailed driving instruction posted here and at www.armypaintball.com.


Closest address to our game:

267 Smith Clove Rd

Highland Mills, NY 10930


*NOTE* If you are using a GPS navigator to get to the game then be sure to avoid using Bull Pond Road as it is blocked off.


Website: www.armypaintball.com



Registration: $50 pre-registration. Registration gets you both days of play, free camping, free air and CO2 both days, and an entry into the prize raffle/giveaway at the end of game play on Sunday.


A-Frame rental:

$35 per day


Reserve M-F 10AM-2PM by calling 845-938-8811



• Premium and Marballizer available for a Great Price

• *First Strike rounds are an exception to the EPO rule.

Facilities: Free camping, porta-johns, water tanks all on spot

Chrono/firing modes: Chrono will be at 280 FPS, all firing modes allowed

Strictly Prohibited

• Alcohol

• Drugs

• Firearms

• Pets

• Fireworks

• Ground Fires


Continue to check www.armypaintball.com for rule, map, and FAQ updates! See you in October

Border Wars - Illinois vs. Wisconsin

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Border Wars - Illinois vs. Wisconsin

October 2 & 3, 2010

Breakaway Paintball - Racine, WI

Empire Combines Strength With 2 Others

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Empire Paintball combines strength with BT Paintball and JT Products bringing speedball, woodsball and recreation, bringing together paintball as one.  In their own words:


Welcome to the new Empire Paintball Website – Tournament, Woodsball, and Recreation. Paintball is our life – from Rookie to Pro, Sniper to Snake, Weekend Warrior to Seasoned Veteran, if it is paintball, Empire Paintball is in it.


In addition to the new look, you’ll notice that we have some new brands – Battle Tested and JT. We are proud to combine the strength and product offerings into one singular paintball website – Empire Paintball.




Empire the flagship brand that continues to lead the direction of paintball life, style, and function. Explore Empire Paintball’s apparel, markers and loaders!



Battle Tested (BT) battalion, rest assured, the team here is 110% dedicated to staying core to the scenario/woodsball code and lifestyle. Click here to view the Battle Tested Products!



JT, the legendary heritage and paintball lineage continues, providing quality and style to the retail market. Click here to view the JT Products!


Be sure to keep checking back to the site as we will be active in updating Pro Team profiles, new products, new sweepstakes, and new marketing aimed at growing the sport we love.



In it to Win It.