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The After Report From The After Apocalypse Game from Government General: "Chappy"

Posted by Federation Guards on October 23, 2011 at 1:10 PM


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Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:49 am Post subject: GOVERNMENT FORCES GENERAL SAYS THANKS



I cannot begin to tell you how much fun this game was for me and my XO. Even though he had never been to tactical paintball before his experience in special forces shined through and I owe him so much for his help in making the game a success.


I was busier than a bee trying to keep up with the missions. I know there was confusion and there was times that no one knew exactly what to do but realize that we were getting 2-3 missions every half hour. There were mission wrapped inside of missions. The trick was manpower! How do we maintain manpower to support all of these missions with only 50 people. My answer was, We don't. I had to choose the missions with the greatest success of victory and plan manpower accordingly. At only one time during the game did I unleash the dogs of war to reak havoc with out a mission and I would like to thank Federation Gaurd for doing a great job at this.


We were the only team who never lost their base. If you hated base security, and we all do but truthfully I believe that is what won the game. Usualy in games at tactical there are only two or three people left at home base to secure it but in this game we kept 7-10. Because of this up until dinner we never missed a mission envelop and never lost a prop. Kudo's for the other teams because it was unblievable how our home base was constantly being probed and prodded. I don't know if this was mission oriented on their part or just harrassment.


The big mistake I made. After the dinner break we were set up for failure when we inserted back in at the center of the net. In after thought I should have secured the props in a central location, provided security for them and then tried to over take the base. Remember this if you ever decide to general a game. The command and control was non-existent at this point so our mission to take back the base was epic failure. It was locked down. Man there was a lot of paint slinging in the firefight for the base.


To tell the truth around dark everyone was run ragged. I talked to the other generals and we were all down to around 8 players. I know we were pinned down at the kill house with just five until we had three more arrive. Most others called it a night and boy did they miss out. This night game was actually action filled. My oath was they will neve take our last few props, never. That was my final main goal and it was successfull!


Federation Gaurd has never looked this strong, Special thanks to Dragon Lady Outstanding job.


Team Mast was incredible. They were the Go to team and magically was always there when I needed them.


Total Insanity. I just don't know what to say. My XO for the XO was PurplePants. Thanks for the advice and direction and experience but the TI team as a whole was awsome. You guys were incredible. and I mean that.


Now having been a General I see what the staff goes through. That is where the real thanks goes for their efforts of putting things together. Handymany is a real manager and knows how to run this park. Captain Maverick, you were awsome, original and creative. For the rest of you I know this game was labor intense so good job.


I am sure that I missed some people but trust me everyone for the Govenment side was awsome. Up until lunch I only fired 5 rounds. Now thats protecting your General. Everyone had a great attitude and seemed to have a Great time. Thank you all.

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