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"The Soldiers of Pain: Pain is temporary. Pride is Forever"

New Recruits

A list of new recruits with team status pending completion of team requirements.  However, team status of RESERVE or CORE can be granted prior to completion of team requirements by the team leaders by voting on it or on a judgement case basis base on the new recruits performance and ability to be a team player.  This is true if they deemed it necessary.  Statuses are also Categorize in the following manner

Categoy 1. Wanting to join the team but still yet have to complete the team requirements set forth by the Founding Members/Team Leaders of the team. Prior to fully being inducted to the team, ALL TEAM leaders must agree to one being accepted to the team. For team requirements, please look at the Recruitement Rules. NO EXCEPTIONS to the rules in order to be fair to all new members being accepted.

Category 2. Have been accepted to the team but still on probationary period due to their new status.

Category 3. Members have been place on this list due to their non-active participation- (Example: Not replying to emails sent out by either the team leadership or their fellow team members on a constant basis, hardly to non-participation in team activities in support of team objectives). Once members are place on this list, if they want to earn their spot back on the main core roster list or be put on the reserves list, they will need to prove themselves by doing what the main core members are doing on a constant basis all year long. Towards the end of the year, the main core members will either vote that member back in or not.

NOTE: If a member is place on Category 3, those individuals have no voting rights on all team activities or events, or changes set forth for voting, unless you are part of the main core or reserve roster list. Votes by members on the reserve least will be accepted on a case by case basis by everyone on the main core team list.




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