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"The Soldiers of Pain: Pain is temporary. Pride is Forever"

Player Statuses
     Joining as a member of the Reserves, is the best way of allowing all new prospects,  to check out the team before committing to a greater participation. It also gives you the opportunity to play occasionally with the entire team.  Reserve players attend as they are able, on an event-by-event basis. Even though you're not a full time core player, as long as you are running under The Federation Guard name, you must follow the team rules. If you do not, you'll be ask to leave and will be removed from team list.  If and when you decide to become a main core player and is given and accepted to that status, you will be ask to make a commitment to the team which is outline on the recruitment rules and help support team projects:  
This recruitment rules was establish to ensure the smooth operation in the team and to abide by the creed that the team all believes in:  TRAIN HARD, WE PLAY HARD, HELP ONE ANOTHER OUT ESPECIALLY NEW PLAYERS, PLAY WITH HONOR AND INTEGRITY AND HAVE LOTS OF FUN.
     You will not receive any benefit or discounts as the core members do.  Benefits on the Reserve status however can and may be given out on a case by case basis to deserving individuals on the reserve list.   This is done in order for us to see the kind of commitment and the kind of individual as a player you are going to be.  We want someone that can be a team player, not a lone gunman.  Also, this is just the fair thing to do because it is just fitting that the main core members who represent the team day in and day out, gets them. 
Recruitment Rules (Team By Laws)
1. You are on probation until you have been a Reserve for 6 months.  This will give all new prospects/recruits plenty of time to allow the team leadership and everyone on the team, to see the consistency in your willingness to be an active participant and contributing member to the success of this team.  Everyones contribution to this team is greatly appreciated for after all, this group is made of diverse individuals with their own knowledge and strength of whatever experience they have. The main thing we all want to see during this stage is if one can get along with everyone on the team because all new prospects will have to work with the current team members as A TEAM.
2. Must make at least 2 games that the main core members is planning on attending in a year- (Tactical Paintball requirement as a home team is at least 4)
3.  All core members will wear the same team uniform which you will be required to purchase once you are put on the main roster.  You will be given sufficient time to do so taking in consideration everyones financial situation.  This is were team sponsorship discounts plays a big role in being an active member on this team and benefit from it.  Like the saying goes, if a group is to act like a team, they must look like a team first.
4. Sponsors logos must be displayed on your forum signature- (This is to help show patronage to our team sponsors)

5. Being part of the main team roster, you are expected to hold a higher standard of sportsmanship on and off the field at all times.
6. Any of the rules that you don’t uphold will prevent you from getting any discounts from our sponsors and could result in your loss of core status. If you are stripped of your core status, you will be place in the Alternate Roster(Probation Roster), will lose your voting rights on any team matters put up for voting with the Core Members or Reserve Members.  To earn your spot back to the Main Core List  or Reserve List, you will need to all the things the Main Core or Reserve Members are doing, all year long (12 months-that is the price one will have to pay for the upholding the team rule.  (NO IFS AND BUTS ON THAT ONE) and show consistency in your own actions.  Team guidelines and requirements are there for a reason and that is to ensure the smooth operation of this team and the continued success and growth.  And they are NOT UNREASONABLE in the first place. Some examples of how one can lose their main core status:
     a.  Poor display of behavior on and off the field
     b.  Getting into a physical altercation with another team member or other players in general resulting in an embarrassment for the whole team
     c.  Lack of communication with the rest of the team on a constant basis.  Everyone on this day and age have a cellphone or email access.  Team leadership sents out email with in regards to upcoming events, team practices, or for any reason regarding the team, ANSWER THEM, so everyone knows you are still alive and kicking.  It is just the courteous thing to do to everyone on the team.  If a member continues to this on a constant basis, you will be remove from the email list and will NOT RECEIVE any updates or news about the team.
     d.  Not participating in events that the main core members are planning to attend on a constant basis.  We do understand that real life comes first and ones financial situation also play a big factor in ones participation, but you can at least let someone know and not on a constant basis this is being done.  It is not fair to ones other team mates who do their part day in and day for the team.  All the team leadership ask is that all members try their best to fulfill their commitment to the team.
7.  As part of the main core memberlist, you’re asked to insure that all who run with or under The Federation Guard name are displaying good sportsmanship on and off the field. If not, bring it to the attendtion of the team leadership (Patches, Possum, DragonLady, Bounty Hunter) so those involved can be removed.
8. Unless otherwise specified, "Field Only" paint must be used at games.
9. Never bring off field paint to any scenario event unless allowed.
10. No bashing other teams, members, sister teams, sponsors or fields on the open forum. Even though some teams do, we don't allow it here.
11. Benefits of our sponsors:   Paint, equipment and other supplies are available at drastically reduced cost from our sponsors (some of the top names in the paintball industry).
12. Team benefits from our sponsors are not to be talked about outside the team.  Not all sponsorship arrangements or benefits are the same.
13.  If you encounter any problems whatsover in anything, don't take it upon yourself to try in resolving it.  Bring it to the attention of the team Founding Members of this team, the team leadership:  ( Patches, Possum, DragonLady, Bounty Hunter).  Remember, being a member of this team, you represent the whole entire Federation Guard team.  Your on and off behavior reflects on the rest of the team members.  So any unnecessary display of poor behavior especially without the knowledge of the Main Core Members and Reserve Members of this team, will result in your status and priviledges, being suspended until a decision has been made. 

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